We are offering 4 hours of support for $390 until 8/31/12, as a  recession buster special.   If you prefer to pay as you go, we will continue to offer support at $2.50/minute.
  1. Support by senior tech's only with an accounting background
  2. Response time, normally less than hour (usually 15 minutes plus cell phone number for emergencies)
  3. Support can be used for Cougar Mtn DOS/Windows (all versions DOS & Windows Professional)
  4. Support all types of businesses with special interest in Distributors, Manufacturers and non-Profits
  5. Support all modules with special interest in Job Costing, MRP, Sales & Collections
  6. Support includes review of module preferences and unused/under-used features
  7. Includes weekend, after-hours and holiday support
  8. Support time can be used for most Microsoft products including Excel & Word
  9. Support time can be used for many computer hardware, network and email issues
  10. Support time can by used for virus/spyware/malware removal
  11. Support that will never expire and unused tech support will be refundable at any time.
Free bonuses/incentives cms2eMail (unlimited emails out of Cougar), one free custom report (if not to complicated) and access to our solution knowledgebase.  In addition, you can get up to 1/2 off of our other products (e.g. cms2Excel, cms2AR AutoCreditHold, Cougar-Magic Products, etc.)

Also, to help us announce our latest products, targetable emails and business lists, we will give you 100 business emails and 200 companies for your use in your marketing (just give us the SIC code(s) and telephone area codes.  We'll send you the lists.   For larger lists are available, 14 million businesses without emails and 6 million business emails.

Please let me know whether or not you are interested.


Accts Receivable
Bar Coding
Bank Rec

Credit Card

Credit & Collection
Contact Mgt
Document Mgt
Email Solutions
Excel Integration
Internal Control
Lookup Enh
Order Entry
Point of Sale
Reports Enh.
Shipping - UPS
Tech Support
Wireless Options

CMS to the Max and Cougar-Magic Product Lists

Product Name Description Price More Info
cms2AR PastDueInvoices Print Past Due Invoices only (print your unpaid past due invoices every 14 days within a date range) $55 m
cms2AR PastDueStatements Print Customer Statements with Past Due balance any time $55 m
cms2AR AutoCreditHold Automatically puts customers on credit hold when they have past due invoices $350 m
cms2IN MovementReportEnh Print the inventory movement report with month's supply and Min/Max  $55 m
cms2IN UnderstockReportEnh Print the inventory understock report sorted by vendor/most need to purchase $55 m
cms2IN SlowMoving Print the slow moving reports and the customers who purchased those items before Call $$$ m
cms2SM CustomerSalesMagic Sales $ by Year, Quarter, Month, Week and more sorted by largest customer (in Excel) $400 m
cms2sm StockIdSalesMagic Sales Qty by Year, Quarter, Month, Week and more sorted by largest Stock ID (in Excel) $300 m
cms2SM eMailMkting Supply an email list for your type of business and will do the emailing for you Call $$$ m
cms2SM FaxMking Supply a fax list for your type of business and will do the faxing for you Call $$$ m
cms2EC eCommerce Set up a shopping cart for you even if you don't have a website or build an import bridge Call $$$ m
cms2SM Telemarketing Telemarket your products, pre-screen or just set appointments for your sales staff to call Call $$$ m
cms2EX Excel Build Excel spreadsheets that will pull in your Cougar Mtn Data in detail or summarized From $100 m
cms2AC SwBridges Build an interface between a non-Cougar Mtn product and your Cougar Mtn files Call $$$ m
cms2EM eMailing Add the ability to email invoices, purchase orders and more $89 m
cms2SP AutomatingManual Automate an existing manual process into a computerized process Call $$$ m
cms2SM TrendAnalysis Build a chart of a graph showing activity over time Call $$$ m
cms2WL RemoteSales Whether using a remote PC or a handheld device, take orders and print invoices remotely Call $$$ m
cms2WL InventoryTaking Take inventory on a laptop, a handheld device, do a physical inventory Call $$$ m
cms2SC Security Security of your data and computers is critical Call $$$ m
cms2IC Integrity Insuring that your data balances to control accounts and highlights hidden problems Call $$$ m
cms2UF User-friendlyTools This improves the user-friendliness by use of macro sw and many other techniques Call $$$ m
cms2SP SpeedTools These are techniques to speed up your computers and your software Call $$$ m